Our Brand Story

Taking an exciting journey and taking the first step. Our co-founders began to learn to  art glass and were passionate about blowing art glass at the age of 17. To create the soul of a product, you must be born for it.

Our founders and senior technicians shared the dream of pioneering development. With this spirit and rich experience, Zibo siga art glass Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is an experienced art glass factory.

Siga Art Glass, Energetic,


Siga art glass is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality blown art glass to meet the needs of our customers.

Siga art glass combines R&D, manufacturing and marketing to provide customized and high quality blown art glass.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to satisfy our customers and employees, and be responsible to the society.

The skill of glassblower

Glass factory with traditional hand production opened at 1994. The skill of china masters of the craft together with original design and quality of melted crystal are the guarantee of production of exquisite quality portfolio.

Exclusive collections

In our factory, we are able to fulfill a custom unique item for our customer and be part of making his own assortment.

Worldwide export

We export to 52 countries and all continents. Our products have been to international exhibitions in Prague, Frankfurt, Dallas, New York, Delhi and many others.

Top quality blown art glass

We melt only the best lead-free blown art glass meeting the strictest demands of our customers and their life style. The whole production is thoroughly supervised.

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