Benefit from Our Expertise

Reach your goals

We know the standard requirements of your business, and we analyze your target market and know which solutions sell for the end user.

Best project management

We are your partners who walk with you from the beginning. Our success depends on yours because we are on the same side of the table.

Reliable production

The factories and procurement channels we use are custom-made so that we can quickly and efficiently complete the production of custom glass.

We Serve at Every Stage

Product Design

Use hand-drawn to quickly locate your needs, design and correct them through CAD. We have the expertise to provide you with the products you need at the price you want.


CAD drawing
Product layout
Concept visualzation - Samples


We have experienced blown art glass advanced skilled workers with the necessary infrastructure, efficient workforce and materials to create your project in an efficient manner.


Quality construction
High efficiency and high quality

Quality Control

We have trained quality control team to perform quality assurance that products are delivered with the high-quality standards set by Rising. Committed to giving you the best product, we checked with detail and attention with the material, construction, moisture content and finish.


Testings for product size and color conformance
Report quality defects or potential issues


All packaging methods meet or exceed the specifications of international freight carrier standards. We use a high grade of wrapping materials to keep your product safe.


Final inspection before shipping
Safe wrapping

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